Rosenberg-Mufson Engagement

Photo: courtesy Tom Tussey Photography

Jamie Rosenberg, daughter of Kathi and Stuart Rosenberg of St. Louis, and Joseph Mufson, son of Michelle and Ephraim Mufson of St. Louis, have announced their engagement.

Jamie is the granddaughter of Sandy and Jerry Kootman, and Sandy and Mendel Rosenberg, all of St. Louis. Joseph is the grandson of Gail and Dr. Jay Mufson of Elberson, N.J. and Shirley and Sam Bluestein of St. Louis.

The bride to be received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech-Language-Hearing from the University of Kansas in 2013. She has recently graduated from St. Louis University with her master’s degree in speech pathology. Her fiancé graduated from Goucher College in Baltimore. He currently works at Merrill Lynch and will receive his Certified Financial Planner certification this summer.

The couple met when Jamie was about to start graduate school and Joey moved back to St. Louis to be around family. Mutual friends Elizabeth Pollack and Nina Levine immediately set up the pair, and a group date was set. After a night of drinks, dancing and IHOP at 2 a.m., Jamie and Joey were hooked. 

Joey proposed to Jamie days after he threw her a surprise 26th birthday party. After celebrations with friends and family, he said it was time to celebrate just the two of them, promising a fancy night out. Little did she know, their dinner reservations were at the same IHOP they went to the night they met. 

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After a romantic dinner over chocolate chip pancakes the couple went to Stacy Park, a place they visited frequently. In a secluded courtyard they walked up to a beautiful scene with flowers, candles, decorations and champagne chilling while music played. Joey presented Jamie with a photo album showing the progression of their relationship. The final picture said “to be continued” and had a picture of an engagement ring in a ring box, saying, “Will You Marry Me?”

After Joey got down on one knee to ask those four words, and Jamie said yes, he slipped a beautiful pear-shaped engagement ring onto her finger. Jamie’s family, including her parents, sister and brother, then came out from behind the bushes with Joey’s parents and sister. Everyone celebrated with happy tears and pictures. The party continued at Jamie’s parent’s house with more family and friends.

An October 2017 wedding is planned.