Millner-Brown Engagement

Millner-Brown Engagement

Jeannine Millner and Dr. Steven Brown have announced their engagement. 

Jeannine recently retired as the Foodservice Director at Crown Center for Senior Living. She is currently a full-time religious studies major at Fontbonne University.

Steven received his undergraduate degree in biology from Princeton University before graduating from the Yale University School of Medicine. He is currently an attending physician, in telemedicine, for Mercy Hospital St. Louis.

Steve found Jean’s profile on J-Date a few days after she posted it and sent her a lovely email. After several weeks of emailing, Jean decided it would be OK to get acquainted via text, which was fine with Steve because he was recuperating from laryngitis anyway. A couple of months later, a mutual friend encouraged Jean to set up a dinner date, insisting they were “perfect for each other.” 

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During an elegant dinner, Steve attempted to impress Jean with magic tricks. Well, it worked: That, along with his vast collection of comic books and cartoon memorabilia, sealed the deal. By the time they actually went on their first date, they felt as if they already knew more about each other than most couples learn in their first six months or more of dating. 

Steve, who often serves as a medical expert witness in legal cases surrounding his area of expertise, told Jeannine one day that a group of young attorneys, with whom he was working, were inviting their wives to dinner one evening after a meeting and asked if she would join them. Jeannine arrived at the restaurant to find the group of five men in a private room wrapping up their case review. 

Small talk ensued, along with cocktails and appetizers. One young attorney asked about the uniqueness of her name and referenced an old song he thought he knew by the same name. Jeannine confirmed his recollection. With that, the four attorneys (aka Fleet Street Barbershop Quartet) stood and serenaded her to a magnificent performance of Gene Austin’s “Jeannine.”

Upon completion, they each turned over their legal pads to reveal the “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” sign that Steve had created. By this time, Steve was on one knee, presenting Jeannine with a beautiful ring. The elaborate proposal was fortunately captured on cell phone video by accomplice restaurant staff, which they will cherish forever.

A May 2019 wedding is planned.