Are you a woman seeking inspiration? This is for you


Nishmah will be hosting a one-day women’s retreat Sunday, April 3 at the Outdoor Education Center at Babler State Park in Wildwood. The event brings together women of many generations, affiliations and life phases for a day of learning, laughing and being able to be together.

The retreat features an optional morning hike and multiple sessions, including “Finding Inspiration through Text & Poetry” with Rabbi Karen Bogard, “The ‘Art’ of Letting Go” with artist Cindy Larimore, gentle Hatha yoga with Lesley Hoffman, a self-care workshop with Dr. Rachel Loeb and more.

The day officially begins at 10:00am (with an optional morning hike at 9:30am) and concludes at 3:30pm. Visit for more information and to register. The cost is $58 and includes brunch and snacks; all dietary laws observed.

Nishmah, a program of the Jewish Community Center, is an approach to Jewish community and leadership, striving to strengthen and empower the spirit of women. Nishmah believes that women have unlimited wisdom and counsel to offer the Jewish community. Authority, leadership, spirituality, creativity, boldness and consciousness are all within realm of a woman’s being, and we want to foster the complexity of this potential within the girls and women of this community.

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