Workshop offers parents a recipe for guiding healthy choices

All the Right Ingredients

Saul Mirowitz Jewish Community School invites parents to its “All the Right Ingredients” workshop — a night out where they can learn how they can help their children develop a perfect blend of healthy habits — from 7 to 9 p.m. Wednesday, April 29 at Mirowitz, 348 South Mason Road in Creve Coeur.

The workshop will include the following interactive sessions with community experts:

• Breakfast Club: Jump start your child’s day with registered dietician Kathy Mora.

• Cooking Class: Hands-on preparation of healthy breakfast foods with chefs Aura Kavadlo, Rachel Persellin-Armoza, Cyndee Levy and A.J. Moll

• Wired World: Raising well-balanced kids in a high-tech world with Andy Pomerantz and Dr. Andy Zuckerman.

• How to get a good night’s sleep…and why kids and their grown-ups need one with Dr. Terri Riutcel and Renee Wasserman.

• The Power of Positive: a Jewish take on raising joyful kids with Rabbi Scott Slarskey and Elisa Heiligman-Recht.

• “Appy Hour”: a test drive of educational apps with Andrea Newstead.

• Delicious (and healthy) recipes, parenting tools and more. 

The workshop is presented by Mirowitz and its farm-to-school lunch program as a service to the community. The program is free  and participants will leave with a toolkit of recipes, ideas and giveaways.

For more information or to RSVP, visit or contact Erin Schreiber at 314-576-6177 or [email protected]