What do you know about Israel’s Air Force One? Click and test your knowledge


Mark Zimmerman, Special For The Jewish Light

Five years ago Israel purchased a used jet with the intention of customizing it for the use of the Prime Minister and the President for official travel. Prior to that, these officials had been renting commercial planes.

While the aircraft’s upgrade has been completed, the plane is still sitting in a hangar and it is not clear if or when the current Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett, or Israel’s president Isaac Herzog will use the craft.

While it hasn’t been publicly stated, it is believed that there is reticence because the plane is viewed as a symbol of the corruption of former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, under whose authority the plane was purchased and renovated at a cost of almost $300 million. What do they call this plane, the equivalent of the United States’ Air Force One?

A. Kochav Tzion, Star of Zion.

B. Aliyat Tzion, Rising to Zion.

C. Yonat Tzion, Dove of Zion.

D. Knaf Tzion, Wing of Zion.

E. Bibi’s Follies.

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