Tomorrow might be one day too late


In a recent column (“Why Don’t YOU Go Out with Him?”) I described how I had tracked down a guy I’d met to ask him if he’d like to meet a friend of mine.

He said that he would like to meet her and I gave him her name and phone number. As soon as he and I finished our telephone conversation, he immediately dialed her number and asked her out.

That was 14 years ago and they have now been happily married for 12 years and have 3 beautiful children.

Do you know what would have happened if he had waited a couple of weeks or so before he got around to calling her?

Probably nothing.

She is attractive and desirable, and she most likely would have connected with someone else. Mr. Right would have lost the momentum and the opportunity for the true happiness that they have today.

Are you waiting for just the right moment to make that call?

Don’t wait another minute.

I mean, you don’t need to call while you’re on the highway (in fact, I prefer that you not call while you’re driving) nor in the middle of a meeting, but call soon.

Like tonight.

Or leave her a message today or tomorrow and tell her you’re looking forward to meeting her and that you’ll call her soon to arrange a time and place.

Who wouldn’t welcome a message like that?

Take charge of your future and your happiness. I know it’s difficult. By the way, if you happen to be the recipient of the call and if the call happens to come a few weeks later than you expected, give the guy a big break! Don’t hold it against him if he doesn’t call you right away.

Believe me, it is tough to make that call.

How do you think I feel when I make a cold call to a girl or guy to say, “Hi, this is Paula Sparks; I do matchmaking and I wondered if you’d like to meet someone. “

That is not easy for me to do either.

I get some rude responses that cause me to ask myself why I am doing this, but I know how important it is for me to make that call, so I do it whenever I can. I do it for you. Now, do something for yourself and make that call.

It could make all the difference.

Who is Paula?

Sparks Matchmaking Service strives to connect Jewish individuals for the purpose of dating, marriage, and Jewish continuity. There is no charge for her services but donations are requested in order to improve the program and to attract new participants.

She can be contacted at 314-721-3638 or at [email protected].

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