The ResaleShop helps fund NCJW STL events like “Back to School! Store”

From left: Sarah Beth Matt, Amanda Packman, Jennifer Scissors and Alissa Arst: co-chairs of NCJW STL’s 2018 Back to School! Store, an annual event which provides clothing and supplies to 1,500+ under-served children in the St. Louis community. 

When you shop at TheResaleShop you are making the decision to help change the lives of women, children and families in the St. Louis community. Founded in 1940, TheResaleShop’s proceeds go to fund the community service projects of the National Council of Jewish Women St. Louis (NCJW STL). “Whenever people come in, we like to share our story,” said Store Manager Jessica Means. “We like for them to know where their money is going when they either donate or shop here.”   

NCJW STL’s signature community service project is the Back to School! Store, a one day event held every July that provides new clothing, school supplies and books to over 1500 underserved children so that they can start the school year confident and ready to learn and remain successful throughout the year. It costs around $180,000 to run the Back to School! Store each year. While NCJW STL receives grants, sponsorships and donations to help fund the project, a large portion of the cost is funded from TheResaleShop’s sales. Having worked in public education, Back to School! Store Co-Chair Amanda Packman has seen firsthand the high need for quality shoes, school supplies, books, and coats. She said, “Being a part of this project allows me to help in closing the equity and achievement gaps that have a direct impact on a child’s education.”

Additional community service projects that are funded by TheResaleShop are: Kids Community Closet, providing emergency clothing items to children in 24 St. Louis area schools; Healing Hearts Bank, a micro-lending program providing loans up to $500 to women and families; Jean Stein Bloch Wife-Widow-Woman helps women transition from grief to growth; and Project Renewal, a program that empowers underserved women by allowing them to visit NCJW STL for a day of learning, shopping and pampering providing them the skills and confidence needed to take control of their lives. While attending the program they receive a voucher to TheResaleShop so they are able to shop for items they need to help rebuild their lives. 

With the new tax laws taking effect, some people may be asking themselves if they should still donate their unwanted items. The answer is a simple, YES! Your donation of new and/or gently used items will be sold in TheResaleShop and the dollars earned from those items stay right here in the St. Louis community to directly help those who need it most. 

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The next time you’re driving down Lindbergh in Creve Coeur, stop in TheResaleShop and see for yourself what TheResaleShop is all about. “You know that not only are you leaving with an excellent bargain when you shop at our store, but that you are helping local women and children right here in St. Louis,” Means said. There are many other places in the community to shop and donate to, but by choosing TheResaleShop, you are making a mindful choice where your dollars and donated items can make a significant difference for the good of the community.