The new Passover parody video you won’t “Stop Believin” plus 7 of our favs


Jordan Palmer, Chief Digital Content Officer

Oh, how I love a good Jewish holiday parody video. First of all, they usually are well made, with impressive production values that I appreciate. But the real win is how well these groups sing and how funny they can be while somehow staying true to the holiday they are celebrating.

Today, I discovered Y-Studs, an all-male Jewish a cappella group originally from Yeshiva University. Having been together since 2010, they just released a parody version of a hit song that played at my first rock concert in 1981 at the old Arena, Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

The parody, “Don’t Stop We’re Leavin,’” boasts cleverly written lyrics urging the “Hebrew people” to do just that as they depart from Egypt. Shot beautifully, the group even pays tribute to the song’s reboot in American pop culture with a nod to “The Soprano’s” finale.


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