The Crisis in Western Sudan: The Threat of Genocide

A major humanitarian crisis has broken out in the Darfur region of western Sudan. To counter insurgents in the region, the government-supported Janjaweed militia (considered “Arab”) is deliberately victimizing the civilians in Darfur, who are considered “Black” or “African.” Both the Janjaweed and their Darfurian victims are Muslims.

To date, as many as 50,000-100,000 civilians have been killed and 1.2 million people have been driven from their homes. Many of these refugees, now in camps in Chad and Sudan, report the raping of women and girls, the torching of villages, the destruction of food supplies and the deliberate poisoning of water sources by the Janjaweed.


In addition to the constant danger of attack from the Janjaweed, the refugees and those who remain in their villages in Darfur must deal with rampant hunger and disease, as well as the impending threat of the seasonal rains. The Sudanese government has limited the access of international aid organizations to the region.

What ADL is Doing:

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If there are no photos is it still genocide?

How many millions this time?

Leaders Call for Action on Sudan, Omaha World-Herald (8/26/04)

ADL Joins Coalition in Call to Action on Sudan Crisis (8/2/04)

The League is a member of The Save Darfur Coalition, a group consisting of 70 faith-based, humanitarian and civil rights organizations. On August 2, the group issued a Unity Statement and Call to Action in response to the massive humanitarian crisis in Darfur, Sudan in an effort to raise public awareness and to mobilize North Americans and members of the international community to respond to and help end the atrocities.

ADL Resolution on Sudan Genocide (6/8/04)

ADL urges the United States to call upon the International Community to take all steps necessary to stop the genocide

Congress Lauded For Taking A Stand Against Genocide In Darfur(7/13/04)

ADL commends Congress for condemning the atrocities being committed in the Darfur region of Sudan as “genocide.

What You Can Do:

* Make a contribution to the Jewish Coalition for Sudan Relief, providing on-the-ground assistance to refugees in Chad and Sudan.

* Write to President Bush, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan or your Member of Congress and urge them to:

* seek the strongest possible United Nations Security Council resolution acting to end this crisis

* demand the Government of Sudan immediately disarm the Janjaweed militia

* pressure the Government of Sudan to allow humanitarian relief to reach all affected people in Darfur

* ensure the international community holds accountable those responsible for genocidal atrocities in Darfur

* Contact your local newspaper and television statements. Welcome coverage so far and stress the importance of keeping the spotlight on this region as the story unfolds. Ask for more coverage about Darfur. Write letters to the editor expressing concern about the situation.

* Coalition Efforts. Consider organizing letters to officials, letters to the editor and op-eds jointly with key coalition partners.

* Invite humanitarian experts who have visited/working in the region to speak at your local synagogue or community event.

More information

* Save Darfur Coalition

* United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

ª International Crisis Group

Reprinted with Permission from the ADL.

Photos and Map Courtesy of the United State Holocaust Memorial Museum