Show us your back-to-school signs, we’ll show you ours


Amy Fenster Brown, Special For The Jewish Light

You know those adorable moms who take those adorable pictures of their kids on the first day of school holding those adorable signs saying what grade they’re in?  I’m not one of those.

While the signs are fun and cute, I feel like they could convey something more.  Over the years I’ve tried to provide that little “extra”, much to the dismay of my kids.

Davis is now 16 and Leo is 15, which means my time available for first day of school sign photos is limited unless I show up on their first day of college! You enjoy these photos while I start making my travel plans…


Now, come next week, if you are a parent, grandparent, friend of a parent or grandparent, or know a kid going to school, make a sign and make them hold it, while you snap a photo with your phone. OR, if you’re not a sign person, we know you’re going to be taking pictures for the first day of school, so if you send it to us at [email protected], we’ll try to make you Internet famous.