Shir Ami

Shir Ami members (from left) Jan Fishman, Judy Medoff, Elaine Unell, Amy Gage, Carol Kaplan-Lyss and Michael Lyss. 

  • c/o Carol Kaplan-Lyss
  • 12 High Acres Drive, St. Louis, Mo.  63132
  • 314-997-2887
  • email: [email protected]

Shir Ami (Song of My People) is a spirited, freelance troupe of six with a joy of performing Jewish music. For decades, Shir Ami has been committed to keeping alive beloved Yiddish, Hebrew/Israeli, Jewish/American, Hassidic and Ladino songs. The singers are accompanied by guitar, mandolin, accordion and Middle-Eastern drum. They perform annually at the Hanukkah Festival of Lights at the Missouri Botanical Garden, the Festival of Nations at Tower Grove Park, and many regional, community and private events.  Each program is tailored to requested themes.  

Shir Ami’s members are Jan Fishman, Amy Gage, Carol Kaplan-Lyss, Michael Lyss, Judith Medoff and Elaine Unell.