Save the self-pity, choices abound for Passover meals

Beet Soup is pareve and can be served at room temperature or hot. Chicken Salad With Radicchio and Pine Nuts is colorful and features an interesting mixture of textures and tastes. Both photos from “Helen Nash’s New Kosher Cuisine,” Overlook Press

By Helen Nash, JTA

After all, on this most celebrated of Jewish holidays, we are allowed to eat fish, meat, poultry, eggs, nuts, fruits, most vegetables and fresh herbs.

All of the recipes featured here  are nutritious, attractive, flavorful and easy to prepare. They emphasize fresh, seasonal ingredients, fewer complicated techniques, and stylish, elegant dishes. What more would you want for Passover?

The seder meals, when we recount the Exodus story, are the most important events of the holiday.  Most people, like myself, favor their own traditional menu. Each year I repeat the seder menu as a way to hold on to cherished family traditions.

The recipes are from the new cookbook “Helen Nash’s New Kosher Cuisine” (Overlook Press).