NJT continues season with Arthur Miller’s ‘The Price’

The New Jewish Theatre’s upcoming production of ‘The Price’ features (from left) Michael James Reed, Bobby Miller, Kelley Weber and Jerry Vogel.  Photo: John Lamb

The New Jewish Theatre’s 2013-14 season continues with Arthur Miller’s classic play “The Price.”

Ostensibly a play about the price of furniture, “The Price” is really about much more: family dynamics and the cost of one’s decisions.

In the story, two estranged brothers meet to sort and sell their deceased father’s furniture before the family residence is torn down. The first brother to arrive is a police officer who chose to sacrifice his education and potential career as a scientist to care for his invalid father. The other is an eminent surgeon who chose to walk out on the demands of family to concentrate on medicine and personal success. 

A wise old Jewish furniture dealer comes to buy the furniture but refuses to make an offer  without prolonged conversation that delves into many of the issues and conflicts that the brothers are forced to deal with. 

When the brothers finally meet, they are forced to deal with the price of decisions made in their shared past. Old wounds are opened, and new scars are formed. The play has been described as one of the most emotional pieces that Miller ever wrote. 

Bruce Longworth directs the season’s fourth NJT production, which features Bobby Miller, Michael James Reed, Jerry Vogel and Kelley Weber. It will run March 20 through April 6 in the Jewish Community Center’s Wool Studio Theatre, 2 Millstone Campus Drive. Tickets are $37 to $41 and are available at newjewishtheatre.org or from the NJT box office at 314-442-3283.