Meet two of the Light’s 2013 Unsung Heroes

While earning a master’s degree in social work, Josh Goldman researched the “achievement gap” and how the gap might be addressed in schools, families and communities. After graduating, Goldman started the Succeeding With Reading program, securing private funding to run the program in a variety of public, private and religious schools. Working with Urban Strategies, a national non profit that empowers residents and rebuilds distressed urban communities, Goldman created an adult literacy model as well and continues to create innovative programs that make a powerful impact on distressed urban communities.

St. Louis Food Rescue   Three local teens (Will Hopkins, Sam Pepose and Nate Noss) are the heart and soul of St. Louis Food Rescue, which works with local food purveyors to “rescue” food that the businesses are willing to donate at the end of the business day and would otherwise throw away. Volunteers arrive on nights and weekends as the businesses close and take the food to local homeless shelters and food pantries.  What started with one teen (Nate) grew into a larger effort but is still run completely by teen volunteers. In the last two years, the teens have distributed an estimated 350,000 meals.