‘Mad Men’ gets (more) Jewish, Sandler film sets Razzies’ mark, Rihanna getting into Kabbalah?

Adam Sandler collected a record 10 Razzies — an Academy Awards spoof that presents prizes for the year’s worst movies — including worst actor and actress, for “Jack and Jill.”


NEW YORK (6NoBacon) — Sunday night’s episode of “Mad Men” introduced the world to Michael Ginsburg, Sterling Cooper Draper Price’s first Jewish copywriter. Played by Ben Feldman, Ginsburg fills the first-generation Brooklyn Jewish stereotype: He is a quick-talking, disrespectful, creatively gifted joker who intimidates Peggy and charms Don Draper into getting the position.

Later he returns to his tiny apartment where his father, with a comically thick Yiddish accent, says the blessing over the children usually reserved for Friday nights in a voice required only by a professional cantor. 

All of this played out in the same episode in which the company hires its first African-American employee, though zero character development occurred on that front.

It is evident that Michael Ginsberg will be around for awhile. Tension is brewing already between him and the talented (and Catholic) Peggy, and a glimpse at his home life suggests that his father will make another appearance.  

Mila Kunis starring in Seth MacFarlane film

In the upcoming Seth MacFarlane film “Ted,” Mila Kunis plays the love interest of a man whose best friend is a teddy bear come to life. “Ted” is the film debut for MacFarlane, the man behind the hit television shows “Family Guy” and “American Dad.” Mark Wahlberg stars as the man engaged in a bromantic relationship with his teddy that includes plenty of cursing, drugs and trying to get with women. Kunis is not so keen about her man’s other roommate, who happens to sound a lot like Brian the dog from “Family Guy.”

Kunis has been working with MacFarlane since 2000 on “Family Guy,” where she voices the oldest child of the Griffin family, the loser daughter Meg, who is often ridiculed by the rest of the clan.

Jerry Seinfeld shows no mercy to TMZ photographer

A TMZ photographer spotted Jerry Seinfeld parking his bike in New York City and starting asking him questions. Bad ones. They were so bad (“What do you do with your time?” and “What was your worst performance?”) that Seinfeld told him to come up more provocative ones if he hopes to make it as a paparazzi.

It was kind of like watching a train wreck: It’s ugly but you have to watch it because, apparently, Seinfeld’s still got it.

Adam Sandler breaks Razzie records with ‘Jack and Jill’

Adam Sandler was the grand winner of our personal favorite award show, the Razzies, for his work in “Jack and Jill.” Sandler’s masterpiece collected a record-breaking 10 Razzies,  the Oscars for movies that really suck (it was nominated for 12): for worst picture, actor and actress (both Sandler), supporting actress (David Spade as Monica), supporting actor (Al Pacino as himself), screen ensemble, director (Dennis Dugan), remake/ripoff (of Ed Wood’s notorious “Glen or Glenda”) and screen couple (Sandler and Katie Holmes and/or Al Pacino and/or himself).

Sandler picked up his second Razzie and his 18th nomination. In 1999 he won for “Big Daddy.” He didn’t stop then and he’s not going to stop now.

The Razzies were moved to April Fools’ Day after being held last year on the day before the Academy Awards.

Is Rihanna the latest celebrity to study Kabbalah?

The Hollywood rumor mill has been working overtime lately. An interesting new match has been brewing for at least eight weeks between R&B singer Rihanna and “Two and a Half Men” star Ashton Kutcher. Rihanna was spotted last week leaving Kutcher’s home, and apparently friends of the two say they are pretty into each other — enough that Rihanna is starting to get interested in Kabbalah, which Kutcher has been studying since his days with Demi Moore. 

”Rihanna has told friends he’s funny and cute,” a source told The Sun. “Both of them love a good time and think they’re too busy for anything serious just yet. She’s starting to inquire about Kabbalah sessions with his rabbi. If she and Ashton are getting really close, she wants to be able to understand it.”

Kutcher married Moore in 2005 in a ceremony conducted by a rabbi from the Kabbalah Center and the pair visited Israel together in 2011. Natalie Portman said of Kutcher’s knowledge of the Jewish mystics, He ”has taught me more about Judaism than I think I have ever learned from anyone else.”  

Shaq speaks Hebrew on ‘The Daily Show’

In an interview on “The Daily Show,” Shaquille O’Neal showed off his Hebrew skills. Shaq, who retired last year from his sensational NBA career, came to visit Jon Stewart and talked about going back to college for his doctorate in human resource development, as well as his experiences as a player.

Stewart asked how to break it to his young son who dreams of becoming an NBA player that it’s not gonna happen because he’s Jewish, Shaq said, “Well, when you see him tonight, tell him Uncle Shaq says ‘Baruch Hashem,’ ‘l’Shanah Tovah and tell him ‘mazel tov’ and that he can make it.”

If Shaq thinks Stewart Jr. can make it, and says so in Hebrew, who are we to say no? Seriously, try to say no to Shaq. 

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