Lifelong Learning, Dorothy Firestone, Silver Ball and more

Lois Caplan

TWENTY YEARS AGO, I wrote a column about a new program at Washington University called the Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI). It was created for adults over the age of 55 who wanted to enhance their education. 

The program took off like wildfire and to this day it thrives five days a week with two daily courses and four terms throughout the year.  For the first time, almost two decades later, I was sent a brochure on the program and fell in love with a course on fiction writing using the arts as one’s muse, (whatever that means). The class consisted of five very bright women and me and two facilitators, the name given to the leaders who would guide us through the peer-driven course.

I tell you all this mishegas because I am enamored with LLI and want everyone else to take advantage of what it offers. The second term begins in January and among the courses offered is everything from art to zoology. (I made that up. You may substitute a z-word.) But don’t depend on my information. Call LLI at 314-935-4237.  You will thank me forever.

“ONE FAMILY’S COOKBOOK” BY DOROTHY FIRESTONE is a collection of family recipes assembled by my friend Dorothy, who is a fine cook and a former cooking columnist for the Jewish Light. Dorothy decided that it was time to publish such a cookbook and contacted 21 of her relatives. They all heartily agreed with her and sent their recipes. 

She tested and tasted all of them.  She told me that she made no attempt to balance the book. Thus there are more sweets than vegetables. However, the book is very attractive and professionally edited. 

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Now I have told you the good news.  The bad news is that the cookbook is not for sale, but Dorothy is hopeful that those of you reading this column will create your own family cookbook to distribute for Hanukkah. 

 THIS YEAR’S SILVER BALL GALA benefitting the Arthritis Foundation is honoring Amanda Sher, a young attorney who has been a volunteer with the organization since 2005. Amanda knows firsthand about the devastating effects of arthritis since her mother suffered from it for many years. Over the last seven years, she has served as the event’s Auction Chair, which has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Arthritis Foundation’s black-tie gala is to be held at 6 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 5 at the downtown Four Seasons Hotel.  For reservations at $250 per person call 314-991-9333.  


THE WORLD PREMIERE PRODUCTION OF KEN PAGE’S “SUBLIME INTIMACY” will run from Dec. 4th through the 20th at the Kranzberg Arts Center in Grand Center. This is a remembered tale of five friends, whose lives were touched and changed forever by their love of the dancer and the dance. The story will be told through visual art and dance to an original suite of music. “Sublime Intimacy” is a Max and Louie production. For information or to purchase tickets call 1-800-838-3006. 


“ELEMENTS OF ABSTRACTION,” is an exhibition exploring the abstract elements of art, line, shape form, space, and color in a variety of mediums. It will be on view at the Artists Guild, 12 N. Jackson Ave., from Friday (Nov. 20) through Jan. 2.