Joan Rivers gets slammed by ‘Fashion Police’ strikers

Joan Rivers, seen here speaking at a party in New York in 2010, told an Australian newspaper that she has undergone 739 plastic surgery procedures. (David Shankbone )

Joan Rivers, seen here speaking at a party in New York in 2010. (David Shankbone )

The writers on Joan Rivers’ “Fashion Police” have had lots of practice taking swipes at big-name stars. Now they’re using that expertise to go after their own boss.

In a three-minute video called “Dear Joan: Can We Talk?” the disgruntled writers come down on Rivers for not taking their side in a labor dispute with E! television network. In April the writers went on strike, “seeking the basics: health insurance, a pension plan, and fair pay consistent with industry standards,” according to the video.

“Joan Rivers is not just a star but a member of the Writers Guild and that she won’t support her fellow Writers Guild members is astonishing,” one writer says. “To me it’s just a basic fairness issue.”

The group claims they attempted to sit down and talk it over in person, but that Rivers was unreceptive. They believe the iconic Jewish comedian has the power to get their demands met and are frustrated by her lack of support.

It’s convincing stuff, but there are, as they say, two sides to every story. We’re hoping Joan finds some other writers to draft her response.

Jana Banin is the blogger for 6 Degrees No Bacon.