Jewish Song of the Week: Make the New Year that much sweeter with this tune


Shira Kobren of Shira & Friends

Eric Berger, Associate Editor

We are just four days away from Rosh Hashanah and the start of Hebrew Year 5782.

To get your sweet tooth ready for apples and honey, Rick Recht, the executive director of JKids RadioJewish Rock Radio and Songleader Boot Camp, has selected as our latest Jewish Song of the Week, “Sweet” by Shira & Friends, led by New York-based musician Shira Kobren.

“If you’re feeling like, ‘hey, wait a minute, how is it Rosh Hashanah ALREADY?’ you’re not alone!” writes Recht. “But no matter when the High Holidays fall on the calendar, it’s a reminder to stop and appreciate all the sweetness in our lives. ‘Sweet’ is a super sweet song from a super sweet artist — Shira Kobren a.k.a. Shira & Friends — that gets right down to what’s so special about this season!”

Check out a video for the song below: