Jewish Song of the Week: A celebratory tune for Simchat Torah


Ellen Allard

Eric Berger, Associate Editor

Shemini Atzeret, followed by Simchat Torah, begins next Monday, Sept. 27 and concludes after nightfall Sept. 29.

Simchat Torah celebrates the conclusion of reading the Torah over the past year, followed by the beginning of a new round of Torah reading.

To get you ready for the celebration — when Jews traditionally march and dance with Torah scrolls — Rick Recht, the executive director of JKids RadioJewish Rock Radio and Songleader Boot Camp, has selected a song from Ellen Allard, who has been performing concerts for children since 1976 and describes herself as the “Queen of Jewish Early Childhood Music.”

Recht explains why he selected Allard’s song “Torah So Sweet.”

“Next week we celebrate Simchat Torah, the amazingly joyful song-and-dance-filled celebration that marks the end of the fall holidays and the completion of another year of reading the Torah … and beginning it again, of course! Our tradition teaches us that words of Torah are like honey on our tongues, which no doubt inspired this sweet little song from the queen of Jewish early childhood music herself, Ellen Allard. Chag sameiach!” Recht writes.

Check out the song below: