Jewish Jokes: Did you hear the one about the Jewish dog?


Cody Palmer.

Today’s Jewish joke comes from David Margolis of Creve Couer. David will receive coupons for six free cookies from Hot Box Cookies. If you would like a cookie too, send me your joke.  [email protected].

How Can You Tell If Your Dog is Jewish?

If you have a small dog with a shrill insistent bark.

If your dog is given expensive gourmet dog food.

If your dog refuses to eat it unless there’s a topping of sardines or lox.

If your dog barks persistently when she wants up on your bed for a nap.

If your dog receives more than six freshly baked dog treats per day.

If your dog drinks purified water and wakes you at night for a swig.

If your dog’s bowls are washed daily in the dishwasher.

If your dog barks like a sergeant to remind you about her walk.

If your dog poops six to eight inches from the back door when it’s cold or rainy.

If your dog suns herself on the expensive living room rug.

If your dog sleeps next to your wife on the pillow where you once slept.