Jewish Film Society sets March 4 screening of ‘The Chosen People’

The Jewish Film Society, a program of the St. Louis Jewish Film Festival, will screen “The Chosen People” at 4 p.m. on Sunday, March 4 at the Jewish Community Center’s Arts and Education Building, 2 Millstone Campus Drive.

The 2017 documentary film traces the history and evolution of one of Judaism’s central tenets: the doctrine that the Jews are God’s Chosen People. 

Filmmaker Joshua Gippin draws on a diverse range of voices (including Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, Reconstructionist, Secular Humanist, Evangelical Christian, Muslim, and others) to explore what it means to say Jews are God’s Chosen People, the biblical roots of the doctrine, and how the concept has changed over time.

The film is free to Jewish Film Society members and $10 for the general public. For additional information, call Zelda Sparks 314-442-3169.