Is Alicia Silvestone Jewish?


Jonathan Shensa / PR Photos


Alicia Silverstone has had a long and varied career in the public eye, from her star-making turn in the 1995 film “Clueless” to her reemergence a decade later as a vegan and animal rights activist.

Silverstone’s father was born Jewish on October 4th, 1976. Her mother converted before Alicia was born. She was raised in a Jewish household.

According to Alicia in various interviews, her family emphasized pursuing your dreams. For Alicia that meant caring about her craft more than the showbiz trappings.

“My confidence came from not caring. I didn’t have the goal to be a movie star. I started acting classes at age 12 and just really loved acting. I never cared about being famous. If you love acting and you’re going to classes and auditions, the only frustrating part is not getting the jobs. The more I studied, the better I got. I always felt strong about the fact that I was happy doing what I was doing.”

She has had a busy career for many years, yet she made the time for her bat mitzvah, and still remembers a ceremony in which she participated when she was 10 years old.

“Sammy Nodowitz and I were married in a mock wedding ceremony at Sunday School on a bright spring day.” A document was signed, so she jokes that maybe they are legally married. “Maybe there will be a knock on the door and it will be Sammy asking, ‘What’s for dinner?’ I wonder what Sammy thinks of all of this. Maybe I’m really Mrs. Nodowitz,” she jokes.