IDF musical ensemble to perform at B’nai Amoona

Columnist Lois Caplan

Lois Caplan

CONGREGATION B’NAI AMOONA has waited three long years to present the spectacular Israel Defense Forces (IDF) musical ensemble at the congregation’s Magical Musical Moments, now in its fourth very successful year.  “At the suggestion of our rabbi, Carnie Rose, we were introduced to the IDF, consisting of some of the country’s most talented musicians (all in the armed forces),” said Phyllis Traub, chair of the event. “There are several ensembles of different sizes and compositions, and you never know which ensemble will be touring until that year.  You can’t choose the group you want – you have to take the one that happens to be touring. We passed on that until we found that this year the 10 piece ensemble comprised of brilliant singers and instrumentalists would be touring in the United States.”  Phyllis heard a CD sent to her of the big ensemble performing and she was hooked, as was her music committee. This was it for their Magical Musical Moments 4.

So at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 2, the temple located at 324 S. Mason Road, will rock with the sounds of the Israel Defense Forces. These 10 young men and women, active soldiers, went through a rigorous audition process, and only the very best were chosen from among hundreds of applicants. Many of Israel’s top performers got their start singing in IDF ensembles.  Currently, there are 15 troupes that perform on army bases, in major ceremonies and at special events throughout Israel and abroad. St. Louis and B’nai Amoona in particular was lucky to wait for the pick of the litter and to present their unique sounds to us.

Magical Musical Moments IDF tickets for general admission are $18, while reserved section seats are $38 and a reserved seat costs $72. Special sponsorships are available and include preferred reserve seats, special recognition and a musical IDF CD. For tickets call Barbara Shechter at 314-576-9990 ext. 126 or reach her online at [email protected].

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