Hanukkah pajamas for the entire family: 2021 Edition

Lior Zaltzman, Kveller

Guess what? Though it may feel as if 2021 is dragging on forever, it’s not too early to start thinking about Hanukkah! This year, Hanukkah starts on the evening of November 28, making it an almost-Thanksgivukkah. Since we’re all still staying cozy at home these days, it’s the perfect opportunity to treat yourself and your family to some fun holiday pajamas.

I’ve always argued that Hanukkah gear should be just as good and as fun as Christmas gear. I am a huge fan of Hanukkah sweaters — and an even bigger fan of Hanukkah PJs! After all, for a typically home-based holiday that’s all about a jug of oil lasting eight nights, you certainly need some comfy nighttime attire.

Unfortunately, finding a great pair of Hanukkah pajamas isn’t as easy as you’d think. Not a lot of websites offer them, and they tend to get sold out quite quickly. Also, they all look very much alike  — they’re mostly blue (I guess that’s the color of the Jewish people?!), they mostly have menorahs and Stars of David on them (you don’t need Stars of David on Hanukkah pajamas! After all, there are no crosses on Christmas pajamas!). Where are the latkes?! Where is the gelt?! Where are the adorable dancing dreidels?!

I guess what I’m saying is: I’m happy there are Hanukkah pajamas out there, I just want more.

Nonetheless, we’ve scoured the corners of the internet, and, in the name of journalism, we’ve put together a pretty comprehensive list of all the ones available this year, including our favorites: matching Hanukkah pajamas for the whole family!

So put on your pajamukkahs —  it’s almost time for Hanukkah.

Hanukkah pajamas for babies and kids:


Pottery Barn Kids Organic Cotton Pajamas

These pajamas come in baby, toddler and kids sizes, and are made of soft cotton. This cute pattern, which features menorahs, dreidels, stars and gelt (yup), also comes on bedsheets and crib sheets — in case you want to go all out with the Hanukkah sleep-time theme!

Children’s Place Happy Llamakkah 2021

These Children’s Place PJs are affordable (score!), cute and cozy, and come in a variety of kids’ sizes. The brand has updated their Happy Llamakkah PJs for 2021 — and these festive llamas are still very good. The Llamakkah pun — which combines the word Hanukkah with the South American mammal — has become a modern staple when it comes to Hanukkah gear, from cards to sweaters. No one really knows where it originated, but as a lover of both llamas and Hanukkahs, I am here for it!

Carter’s Two-Piece Snug Fit 

Carters have a fairly basic but very cute Hanukkah pajama that I can’t not approve of. It has gelt, sufganiyot, menorahs, gifts and dreidels — all the Hanukkah staples. Is it particularly inventive? No, but it’ll do the trick, and when you’ve got a wardrobe full of Carter’s toddler clothes, another little outfit certainly won’t hurt!

Llamakkah Pajamas from ChosenThreadsApparel (Etsy) 

More llamas! Hurrah! These pajamas are a bit more intricate, with a llama print on the bottoms and an adorable llama on the top. You can get a boy or a girls version — the boy (?!) llama has glasses and a bow and the girl (?!) llama has a bow in her ear and a scarf. I do believe neither are a scientifically accurate portrayal of male and female llama, but they are pretty darn cute!

Light Up the Night Pajamas

These kids’ pajamas are so cute! They’re not blue (bonus points!), they have colorful menorahs and they say “light up the night!” Topical and cheerful!

Embroidered and Monogrammed Dreidel Hanukkah Pajamas
Are you fancy? Are you very, very fancy? Do you have a working fireplace? A Burberry coat? Do you wear a monocle and smoke a pipe? Then you might want to get your kid a monogrammed Hanukkah pajama. At $78 a pop these aren’t cheap, but they’re classy AF, with an understated embroidered dreidel on them and a custom monogram for your very posh kid. I mean, don’t we all want to be the kind of person who wears monogrammed Hanukkah pajamas?

ColorMe Pajamas from ModernTribe

It’s a pajama and an art project — in other words, an ideal Hanukkah present! These pajamas come with a set of fabric markers you can use to color the dreidels on the shirt (or wherever else your budding artist decides to draw, I guess?). They come in sizes 3 to 12.

Hanukkah pajamas for grown-ups:


Adult Flapjack Onesie by LazyOne (Amazon)

Sometimes, you just want to feel like a baby again — that’s what adult onesies are for. This ridiculous onesie also has a flapjack. We just had to include it on this list.


Matching Family Hanukkah pajamas:


Children’s Place family Happy Challah days ( kids / adults )

I’ve gotta be frank: I hate the “challah days” pun. You do not eat challah on Hanukkah. Well, OK, you do eat it on Shabbat, but it’s not a particularly Hanukkah-centric food. Though I guess the not-so-great Hanukkah pun is a good, broad Jewish holiday pun, which means you can wear this pajama throughout the year on Shabbat morning and through many Jewish festivals (though not on Passover, of course)!

Macy’s Matching Hanukkah PJs

Another pair of dark blue pajamas with dreidels and menorahs on them… It’s fine, I guess? We’ll take it, Macy’s.

Old Navy Glow in the Dark pajamas (men / kids / babies )

Old Navy’s Hanukkah pajama game is strong this year!  Last year, they offered us adorable Hanukkah puppies; this year, it’s glow-in-the-dark Hanukkah pajamas. Glow! In! The! Dark! It’s absolutely perfect for a holiday that’s all about light. I’m surprised no one has thought about this one before. We salute you, Old Navy! Now go get these before they sell out.

Hanukkah PJs from Target

Well, would you look at that! Another set of dark blue Hanukkah pajamas to add to your collection! I will admit this target print is a little more than basic, we’ve got some fun text, the pot of oil, and, um, a surprise Hanukkah dove? The dove is not part of the Hanukkah story of course, but it is a sort of Jewish symbol and maybe it inadvertently got invited to the Hanukkah party. Perhaps to eat the latke crumbs.

Hanna Andersson Hanukkah Pajamas

Hanna Andersson is, for some, the leading purveyor of extra soft holiday PJs and matching pajamas. I love their matching Snoopy pajamas, and this year they’ve added a lovely little menorah print just in time for Hanukkah. It won’t blow your mind, but it’s classy, well-designed, and just different enough to stand out.

Little Sleepies Dancing Dreidels Pajamas

These pajamas are so adorable. Yes, they’re still blue, but they’ve got a most excellent cartoon dreidel print that just makes you smile. They’re made out of bamboo viscose which means you’ll definitely want to spend all eight nights wearing these soft babies.

Monica + Andy Light the Menorah Hanukkah pajamas (adult/ kid / baby)

Monica + Andy is a brand you know may from fancy baby registries (those baby blankets they make sure are soft) but this year, they’re testing out the waters of the Hanukkah pajama market. Their choice of print is very safe — we’ve got our blue menorahs — but it’s quite lovely, with the menorahs creating a nice wavy pattern. Not bad, Monica + Andy!

Posh Peanut Hanukkah Pajamas

These pajamas are making me hungry! This print features crunchy latkes with sour cream and chives (a perfect combo!) on top, plump sufganiyot and, of course, dreidels. This print doesn’t just come on comfy-looking pajamas for the whole family, it’s also available on loveys, a dog’s bandana and an adorable bodysuit with a skirt. I’m feeling it!

Gap Hanukkah Pajamas  (toddler / kid / adult )

The Gap is joining the Hanukkah pajama game! We’re looking at some more navy right here, plus menorahs, dreidels and so, so many stars of David. But this pattern isn’t bad and if you’re already shopping for things at the Gap, you might as well add these to your basket.