Hailee Steinfeld helping make ‘Hawkeye’ Disney’s best TV show yet


Dan Buffa, Special For The Jewish Light

The difference between Marvel movies and DC Comic movies is a clear-cut sense of humor. There’s nothing wrong with some doom and gloom, but an underlying current of comedy adds a nice balance to the operation. Disney’s “Hawkeye” gets this completely.

It just concluded its first season on Disney Plus last week, so let’s get into a few reasons why it’s so good and just light enough.

The earnest Hailee Steinfeld is franchise kettle corn

Whether it be “Bumblebee,” “Pitch Perfect,” or this new series, the young Jewish actress is putting together a fine career at only 25 years of age. When it comes to franchise-building in movies or television, Steinfeld is a good person to have involved. She’s earnest, athletic, and gorgeous–and she really knows how to turn a comedic line into something special. Holding your own with Jeremy Renner is also a good thing to do on a big, flashy series.

Renner finally gets his moment as Clint Barton

Up until this series, Renner’s heroic character (who doesn’t have any superpowers) was a side piece. Given more to do in certain movies (any crowded “Avengers” film), his government agent-turned-avenger never got the proper amount of screen time. This show, created by Don Heck and Jonathan Igla, fills that void by writing a well-rounded Clint and turning loose all of his attributes. Renner may be an Oscar-nominated actor, but he can do comedy like nobody’s business. Just check out “Tag” for that. Allowing him to embrace that makes for a better show.

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Less complex storyline helps

While “WandaVision” was bold and tried to extend Elizabeth Olsen’s story in a new way, some viewers were just brain-tied the entire time. The same thing went for Tom Hiddleston’s “Loki” series, which bit off more than it could chew and left my head spinning. “Hawkeye” presents a simple setup with entertaining elements and plot threads exposing themselves as the episodes stack up. It’s like a 90’s buddy comedy show with a man and a young woman shooting arrows all over New York for a week or so. There’s a time-restraint on the entire show, with Barton wanting to get home to his family.

Only six episodes and NO filler

By copying “The Falcon and Winter Soldier” episode format-something that did continue with “Loki”-Disney presented a small scale story event that didn’t over-expand or confuse its viewers. By making the shows, which mostly run from 30 to 40 minutes in length, shorter and faster-moving, you give fans what they came for without any lasting dread. Sometimes, it’s just fun to present a witty pair of heroes and put them through the ringer… along with consistent laughs.

Bonus Point: Certain well-known characters do show up, just like any other Marvel movie or show. But these are pretty good cameos.

By being a nice and easy-to-understand delight, “Hawkeye” became one of Marvel’s best television shows. It’s arguably just as good as anything they’ve put out in theaters this year, including the latest “Spidey.”