From art galleries to boardrooms, painter’s work finds broad appeal

Painter Amy Sheppard Morose. Photo: Colin Miller/ Strauss Peyton

By Jim Winnerman, Special to the Jewish Light

Growing up in Godfrey, Ill., about 40 miles north of St. Louis, Amy Sheppard Morose remembers a small Jewish population there. 

“There was even a Temple Israel,” she says. “But as businesses dwindled so did the congregation.”

Today, Morose is a Jew by choice. When she married her husband, Mark Morose, who is Jewish, the couple decided to bring up their children in the Jewish faith. Both of their boys celebrated their bar mitzvahs at Central Reform Congregation.  

 Who has influenced your art?

My parents.  My mother was a fine arts major and she always had plenty of art materials laying around for me to experiment with. My dad was a civil engineer and he was a wonderful influence on the designs I incorporate into my art today.


Modern artists and designers are also influences, such as Mies Van der Rohe, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Richard Diebenkorn and Mark Rothko.


When did you begin your art career?

I received a bachelor of science in communications from the University of Illinois in 1985, and then did post graduate work at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  I worked for 12 years as a graphic designer at corporate design and public relations firms in Chicago and St. Louis before deciding to work independently.  Today, my studio is in my home.

What type of art do you create?

For businesses, I create abstract art that is bold and colorful.  I love architecture, and mathematical structure has a huge influence in my work.  

I also paint stylized florals that are softer and more expressive. For both styles I paint using acrylic paints on canvas or archival paper that will last a lifetime if kept out of direct sunlight.


Do you paint everyday? 

No, not everyday but five days a week.


Who are your customers?

I do commission work for both corporations and individuals.


Where can people view your work?  

The Kodner Gallery on Clayton Road in Ladue exhibits and sells my art. My website is:


What is the price range for your paintings?

My art sells from $300 to $5,000.


What do you enjoy about your business? 

I derive a lot of pleasure seeing people appreciate what I create.  Being part of the vibrant St. Louis art community is also rewarding.  I encourage everyone to get out and explore the galleries, museums and other art venues in our amazing art-filled city. 


When you’re not working on your art what do you like to do?

Spend time with my family and take good care of my health.