Checking out Covenant Place’s impressive new building

The new Covenant Place I building. 

Lois Caplan

IMAGINE, IF YOU CAN, driving up the drive to the entrance of Covenant Place, a large and imposing classic Tudor apartment building that recently opened as home for 101 older adult residents. I did this recently and actually gasped at its beauty and grandeur. The residents, most supremely happy, have been moved from the old and tired Covenant House on the Millstone Campus to the new structure around the corner. 

Not only is Covenant Place beautiful inside and out, it is filled with wonderful extras that make the residents’ lives more comfortable.  I am told that a lot of these extras come from the creative thinking of Joan Denison, the building’s executive director. For example, on each floor there is a large lobby-like area, which is used for many purposes. The second floor is home to the library where a wall full of books are available to the tenants.  I believe that the fourth floor is for music.

As you may have read elsewhere, two more residential buildings will house another 101 residents each. Construction for phase two, projected to begin construction in early 2017, will have in addition to 101 apartments, a senior lifestyle and resource center that will contain medical and physical therapy clinics, offices for service providers, café-style dining, a movie theater and more.

So why am I telling you all this?  As a member of the St, Louis Jewish community I felt the need to share with you my pride in what we are doing for elderly residents, allowing them to successfully age in place. But don’t take my word for it. Go see this remarkable addition to our community yourself. You will be greeted graciously, and here is a little help.  The phone number is 314-4320-1610, so give them a call and let them know you are coming.

AS HAS BEEN MY HABIT when I was writing columns regularly, I included items of interest to you that are meaningful to the community.  As I was writing the Covenant Place piece, I received a release from the St. Louis Symphony’s Vice President, Adam Crane, announcing its recent recording of  John Adam’s “Scheherazade.2” in a performance, with violinist Leila Josefowicz for whom it was composed. 


In fact, some of you might have been at Powell Hall the night it was recorded. Now you may spend some 50 minutes in your own home listening to Conductor David Robertson lead the SLSO in what is a highly acclaimed performance of the 21st-century version of “Scheherazade.”

SOME UNINFORMED PERSON has told people that I am no longer writing columns. Wrong! When I became columnist “emeritus,” I said I would not be writing the column regularly, but that I would be happy to write for you on request. Please, don’t forget that I am still here for you. I may be reached at [email protected] or at 314-991-0040. How could I abandon you after 53 years?