Celebrity Jeopardy, ‘Reboot’ and new horror flicks


By Nate Bloom , Special to the Jewish Light

Stand-up comedian ILIZA SHLESINGER, 39, is on a roll.  Last January, she and her husband, NOAH GALUTEN, had their first child.  On Oct. 2, she was the winning contestant on “Celebrity Jeopardy” and will advance to the “winner playoffs.”  Her sixth Netflix stand-up special, entitled “Hot Forever,” began streaming on Oct. 11. On the same day, her new book, “All Things Aside,” came out. It’s a mix of memoir and funny observations.

Comedic actor IKE BARINHOLTZ, 45, also competed on “Celebrity Jeopardy” (Oct. 9) and he won, too.  He and Shlesinger are in the same bracket and will compete against each other in the near future. That’s all I can report. The Celeb Jeopardy people deliberately don’t release info on contestants — when they will appear or reappear — until a week before they are on. I do know (leaked info) that comic writer BJ NOVAK, 44, will appear “sometime.”


“Reboot,” a Hulu series that premiered on Sept. 20, somehow flew under my radar. The main character’s “Jewish identity” is revealed in the third and fourth episodes (so stay with it).

The 8-episode first season concludes on Oct. 25. The series was created by STEVEN LEVITAN, 60, who also created “Modern Family.” My review: “Reboot” is not a great series, but a good one, with a lot of good gentle humor.

The set-up: Hannah Korman (RACHEL BLOOM, 35) writes a “reboot” script for “Step Right Up,” a hit sitcom that went off the air in 2007. The streaming channel Hulu likes Hannah’s script and approve a first “re-boot” season. What really grabs them is that Hannah has made “Step Right Up,” a fairly tame broadcast network TV show, into something much more edgy and adult. It’s now a series that fits into a Hulu-like channel line-up.

(Spoilers Ahead!) The reboot is in production when Gordon Gelman (PAUL REISER, 66) tells the channel that he still owns the rights to ‘Step Right Up.”  Pretty soon, Gelman and Korman agree to co-head the reboot.

Early on, we learn that Gelman and Korman know each other and have “a bad history.”

Watch the series and find out if Hannah’s edgy approach, which the cast likes, can survive Gelman’s “old fashioned” comedy suggestions.


Well, October is the month in which a cascade of horror or spooky movies are released. Here are the chillers that I know have Jewish actors in them.

“Halloween End” opened in theaters on Oct. 14 and is still playing. Also, if you subscribe to the paid part of the streaming channel, Peacock, you can view it until Dec. 14.  The film is the last part of a three-film trilogy. As you might have guessed, Laurie Strode (JAMIE LEE CURTIS, 63) once again “battles” serial killer Michael Myers. Curtis/Strode has been fighting him since the original “Halloween” movie (1978!).

Also in this film is KYLE RICHARDS, 53, who was a child actor in the original “Halloween” movie. Richards converted to Modern Orthodox Judaism when she married an observant Jewish man. Her sister married into the Hilton family and her niece is Paris Hilton.


“Grimcutty,” an original Hulu film began streaming on Oct. 10. Here’s the official description: “A scary internet meme called ‘Grimcutty’ stirs panic among parents in a small town. They think it’s making their kids harm themselves and others. Then a real-life version of ‘Grimcutty’ starts attacking teen Asha Caudry, but no one believes her.”

Virtual newcomer SARAH WOLFKIND, 22, plays Caudry. Wolfkind is the daughter of a Jewish father and an Asian-American mother. The supporting cast includes ALONA TAL, 38. You may recognize this actress, who was born and raised in Israel. Tal has had dozens of guest shots on American TV series since 2005. Her film work, however, has been in little seen, low budget movies. Tal plays a “Grimcutty” parent with an “interesting” son.


“Hellraiser,” the 11th in a series of films dating back to 1987, began streaming on Hulu on Oct. 7. This film reportedly will “set the table” for a “Hellraiser” series on HBO that is in development. The plot is so detailed that I will not try to summarize it. Trust me, it’s a scary movie.

Two Jews have big parts: ODESSA A’ZION, 22, and BRANDON FLYNN, 29. A’zion plays Rily McKendry, a recovering drug addict. Flynn plays Matt McKendry, Rily’s estranged brother.

A’Zion is the daughter of well-known comedy actor/writer PAMELA ADLON, 56 (“Better Things”).  A few years back, Odessa decided to use her middle name (“Zion”) as her last name. She’s co-starred in two short-lived series.

 Flynn’s ancestry was very hard to trace. It’s almost all-Jewish, but he couldn’t determine if the ancestor who gave him the name “Flynn” was Jewish or not. Flynn has said his family is Jewish and he’s tweeted nice Hanukkah greetings. He’s best known for playing Justin Foley in the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why,” which streamed for four seasons (2017-2020).