Bar mitzvah’s moving d’var Torah

Chase Pultman (second from left) is pictured with parents Mimi and Andy and older brother Caleb. Photo courtesy Neshama Roash, Firefly Universe Fine Portrait Photography

Chase Pultman, who has High Functioning Autism, became a bar mitzvah in February at B’nai Amoona. In the attached PDF, read his moving d’var Torah about the counting of the Jewish People at Mount Sinai, and how he feels at times that because of his autism, he does not always “count” in the eyes of others.

Chase is shown with parents Mimi and Andy Pultman and older brother Caleb. Below, view B’nai Amoona’s webcast of the service. Chase Pultman’s d’var Torah begins close to the one hour mark. 


Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream