Around the Web June 8

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BBC News

Rescuing Warsaw’s Overgrown Jewish Graves

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Poland has a math problem when it comes to its Jewish cemeteries. There are 1,400 Jewish burial places around the country, but only 40,000 Jews living there. That means that it takes dedicated volunteers to maintain the graveyards. In this story, the writer accompanies the volunteers who discuss the country’s difficult history with the Jewish people and ask questions about whether they themselves are Jewish.

“I have my suspicions, like thousands of Poles,” one of the volunteers said. “My granddad was an orphan. He had three birth certificates with three dates from different villages in Ukraine.”


Secrets to Israel’s Innovation Edge

It’s been six years since the publication of “Start-up Nation,” the book that examined why small companies have been able to thrive in Israel. If you’re looking for an update, this article in Forbes provides it. The writer delves into companies who have set up research and development centers in Israel; the IDF backgrounds of tech workers and scientists, and the role that new immigrants in Israel play in business discussions.


When Jewish Boxers Were Lords of the Ring

Before Muhammad Ali, there was Ruby Goldstein, among other Jewish fighters. In a new book on Jewish boxers, the author explores the reasons why at one time more than one in seven world champion fighters were Jewish and why they were so popular.

“Every Jewish kid ever set upon by street toughs lived vicariously through his Jewish ring heroes,” the author writes.