‘Already Tomorrow’ stars St. Louis native

Real-life couple Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg star in ‘Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong.’

By Cate Marquis, Special to the Jewish Light

The romantic comedy “Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong” follows a young couple as they walk and talk around a colorful, night-time Hong Kong. Well, not exactly a couple, because at the start of the film they have just met.

St. Louis native Bryan Greenberg (“Prime” and TV’s “One Tree Hill”) and his real-life wife Jamie Chung (TV’s “Once Upon a Time”) play Josh and Ruby, the pair in the film. The couple is also the producers of “Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong.”

Ruby is a Los Angeles-native who has just arrived in Hong Kong where she will be working for the next year. She doesn’t speak Chinese and is feeling a bit lost, especially since she can’t find the bar where she is supposed to meet her friends. 

Josh, who is at a party in a bar nearby, cannot help overhearing her, and offers to help. He is a Jewish American ex-pat who has lived in Hong Kong for 10 years, and speaks Chinese. Ruby hesitates, then accepts his help finding the bar across town. 

As they walk, Josh points out famous locations and talks about life in Hong Kong. He tells her about his work in finance, and how his old boss always wanted employees to hurry up, saying ‘It’s already tomorrow in Hong Kong.” Now that he’s in Hong Kong, its always tomorrow, and work is endless, taking him away from his plans to write a novel. The pair exude an easy chemistry as they tease and joke back and forth, and seem to have hit it off by the time they arrive at her destination. Ruby’s hesitation has vanished, and she’s relaxed. They go for drinks, but then Josh gives her a bit of unexpected news that leads her to end the evening.

A year later, they meet again, and spend another night walking and talking through Hong Kong.

The will-they-or-won’t-they story has something in common with the 1995 film “Before Sunrise,” in which Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy spend a night walking and talking in a beautiful, romantic city. In that film, the talk leans towards the philosophical and serious but in “Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong,” the conversation is lighter, more comical, and more fun. It is also more “millennial,” as the 30-ish pair fill the air with pop-culture references and jokes. He teases her about her hometown Los Angeles, saying the only thing that recommends it is the weather. The two share their love of “Seinfeld.”

Nightime Hong Kong serves as a beautiful backdrop for this warm, funny, romantic story, though is still won’t beat out Paris.

 “Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong” is a simple little film with a quirky end. That said, it is truly enjoyable to spend time in Josh’s and Ruby’s company, a pair of likable, smart, funny people on the edge of contemporary romance.