Adrien Brody to play Harry Houdini

(Georges Biard)

(Georges Biard)

History cable network is putting together a 4-hour miniseries about the life Harry Houdini, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, “The Pianist” star Adrien Brody has signed on to play the legendary Jewish magician.

“Houdini” will track the rabbi’s son from his poor roots to a life of celebrity.

“Since my childhood, when I dreamed of being a great magician, Harry Houdini has been one of my heroes,” Brody said. “His bravery and obsessive determination still fascinate me. Houdini mastered the art of escape — not only from physical chains, but from poverty and the social constraints of a humble immigrant origin. His life story appeals to the universal longing for acceptance with which we all can identify. To portray him is beyond an honor.”

Kristen Connolly from “House of Cards” will play his wife, Bess.

Jana Banin is the blogger for 6 Degrees No Bacon.